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This site contains so many features that you just may soil yourself, due to the extent of the surprise. I mean, if you just look at it all, you will say to yourself: "My god, don't these people have lives!" Well some of us do, I assure you. We just take great pride in having a site with many features and attractions. Unfortunately, a large site may be difficult to navigate. And, due to that, some of you may decide to leave and never come back. We wouldn't want that. Then all of our work would have been for naught. And that would naught be a good thing.

First we have the jokes pages. Hundreds of jokes! Do you like classic poetry? Then CLICK HERE. We have a psychiatric dictionary and articles about psychology and related subjects. Like Classic Rock? We have reviews of 50 must-own Classic Rock albums and links to classic rock bands' Websites. You can browse rock merchandise, categorized by group. Like redneck humor? Check out Bubba Ray Jones' page.

You can catch your daily news on this site as well. Just click on the "Checking In" link to view the day's headlines or which are also links to the news sites that contain their associated stories. This site even serves as a directory for the creative professional--by providing vital links to key places. A form of directory assistance.

There is a Cartoon Gallery, photo gallery and you can learn guitar in our GUITAR section. You can also learn how to play the mandolin, the keyboard, balalaika, banjo, mandola, soprano recorder, harmonica  and read movie reviews.

We encourage participation on this site with our DayDream Warriors section and we have a survey and contact page  to encourage you to give some feedback on the site. We whole-heartedly encourage your suggestions. The Doc has a Facebook page too, if you're interested in checking them out. 

One thing that makes this site easier to navigate is the home buttons and links. Most pages have a home button or text link to allow you to leave just about any page within the site, to return to the main page. Occasionally, the site's various features will be updated and new features will be added. So you may check here to find out what's new. 

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