The Story of How Came to Be by Bob Craypoe

Why name a site
Unfortunately, the name Dr Psychotic scares some people. But wasn't it Shakespeare that said a rose by any other name still smells pretty much the same? I mean, he could have been called Dr Nutjob or something else. But I was going through one crazy name after another and all of the domain names I entered were taken except  Why pick a name that has something to do with insanity?  Well I wanted to do a website that was predominately humor-based.  You see, quite often, humor is associated with insanity.  Words like wacky, zany, and crazy are often used to describe something of a comedic nature.

The next reason would be because I wanted to create a cartoon character who was bent on world conquest.  A mad doctor of sorts.  One who was delusional, paranoid and the works.  So I created the character first, then sought out a name.  The third reason has a little more to do with my own life.  Insanity is a subject I happen to know a little about.  My father is a schizophrenic.  I guess that makes me a son of a schitz. 

With mental illness, unfortunately, there are feelings of shame sometimes.  As a kid, you sometimes feel embarrassed when you see others laughing at your father while he is doing an Indian sun dance on the front lawn.  Or when they see him picking up cigarette butts off of the road and lighting them up. One can often explain to others the nature of the problem one's dad might be the victim of.  Some understand, empathize, and comprehend, once you explain.  Some still find it amusing and some even look down on those neighbors with the "crazy" father.  Then you have to think to yourself that they only do that out of their own ignorance.  So, on the site I have a "Psychotic Dictionary" where people can actually acquire the information I had to quite often explain.  I mix a little humor in with the definitions. 

Humor acts as a great coping mechanism in a variety of situations.  Therefore, you will find a lot of insanity related jokes on this site.  I also have an article on schizophrenia which provides more detailed information on the subject.  The intention, regarding this site, was never to make fun of insanity or those suffering from it.  But they say the first rule of writing is to write about what you know.  It's a humor site and I know about insanity, so you figure out why I worked in so many jokes about it.

Why build a site around a cartoon character?
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cartoonist.  I took art lessons and was learning to paint oils and all that.  Then one day I told my art teacher that I wanted to draw cartoons.  She told me that cartoons were for babies.  I no longer wanted to take lessons anymore.  As a kid, I just loved cartoons and I thought that there would be no better job on the planet than creating them.  And here was somebody telling me that something I loved so much was "stupid".  I lost interest in it and stopped drawing cartoons.  The only exception was when I was bored in school I would doodle cartoons.  They would often be unflattering depictions of my teachers. When the cartoon thing fizzed out, I tried out the guitar.  That's when I became a musician.

Since I am also a musician, I created a section for this site where you can learn guitar chords and scales.  I created features that would include information would have liked to have had made available when I was first learning. I've also included other instruments like keyboards, mandolin, recorder, banjo and harmonica.

So now you know where all of this came from. I hope it makes more sense to you now. check back every now and then to see what's new and please spread the word. Thanks.

Bob Craypoe

The Development of the Dr Psychotic Cartoon Character

1 Started  with bug-like eyes.

2 Gave him an egg-shaped dome.

3 Added a madman's hair style.
4 Dropped the bug eyes. 5 Added a few more details. 6 Just about finished.
In May of 2013 Dr Psychotic Went 3D
In May of of 2013, we decided to take the website into a new direction by going to 3D, using 3D characters for still images and animation. You can still find much of the old 2D cartoons on the website though. We also have elaborated on various things like his hidden lair and henchmen and such. We will continue to add more elements to the mix as time goes by.
dr psychotic in 3d


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