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Prepare Yourselves For A Blood-Curdling Tale That Will Send Chills Up And Down Your Spine!
This Story Is Not For The Timid, Weak-Hearted Or Those With Bladder Control Problems.

Once upon a time, a child was born in the small impoverished village of Armpittio, located in the swampy regions of southern Slobovia. Born into a family of ignorant poor-folk, Clyde Elmer Sonovavich was destined to struggle throughout his life for even life's most basic necessities.  Clyde began his working years at the tender age of 8 by working a paper route in order to send himself through school.  Years later, he finished medical school and specialized in hairy-mole removal. He eventually became very successful.
Unfortunately, in the twisted cultural upheaval that was soon to follow, hairy moles became the style.  They were quite the fashion statement.  He went bankrupt shortly thereafter.  Angry and embittered over his bankruptcy, he vowed to never again do an honest day's work.  "Where does honest work get you anyway?", he would say.

Soon, after experimenting in his secret laboratories, he developed a form of hairy mole that could be transmitted by casual contact and infest the entire bodies of its victims.  He then said: "If you people like hairy moles so much, take that!" He released the plague upon all of the land.  The entire population of Slobovia succumbed to the plague.  It was not a pretty sight.  The government then began a nationwide manhunt in search of  that dirty no-good Sonovavich but he fled the country and took refuge in South America.  It was there that he began to go by the name of Dr Psychotic.
Dr Psychotic began his life of crime by opening casinos and selling fake insurance policies under the name of PsychotiCorp.com.  But given the high cost and low coverage of most insurance policies, he was able to go unnoticed for years.  He has since branched out into numerous other areas of illegal activity but his ambitions have grown so much since those early years that now he will settle for nothing less than total and complete control of the world.
Dr Psychotic eventually released his manifesto to the world.  Unfortunately for him, it wasn't taken seriously at all.  It could be found in the humor section of most large book store chains.  But Dr Psychotic demands to be taken seriously and he won't stop until the world is his!  Fortunately, for the world, there is one hero who has vowed to stop Dr Psychotic dead in his tracks.  That would be none other than Captain Fisticuffs! 
Never Trust A Guy With Shifty Eyes!

You should never trust a Guy With shifty eyes.
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