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We Don't Touch Your Junk!

DrPsychotic.com utilizes Google analytics for the purpose of determining where our web traffic comes from as well as compiling information regarding how long the users remain on the site and what pages they go to. We do so in order to see which features are used most often and we use that information to determine where we want to expand on our content. We are proud to say that no tracking cookies are used and no cookies of any kind are placed on your computer from the site itself or any other Craypoe.com associated website.

Say what you want about us invading your privacy, but at least we don't do this! And isn't that a good thing?
We do, however, display ads from outside advertising companies and affiliate programs on our site. These ads may contain cookies. While we don't use cookies in other parts of our Web site, cookies received with banner ads are collected by the advertising companies and affiliates and we do not have access to their information.

Our site has surveys where you may be asked if you would like to be on our e-mail list. It also asks for demographic information such as your age group. Any information you provide is not only optional on your part but is never shared with any company other than Craypoe Productions, the operating company behind DrPsychotic.com and other Craypoe.com associated websites.

DrPsychotic.com has links to a number of other sites such as social networking sites and sites of interest in a number of categories. It also has its own accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, to name just a few. All those sites and their companies have their own privacy policies and DrPsychotic.com will only vouch for itself and other Craypoe.com associated Websites.

This site also links to message boards available to users on other sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc. Please remember that any information that you provide on those sites may become public information and even though we are not responsible for what takes place on their sites, we still suggest that you exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information on those other sites.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or anything having to do with this website, you can contact us using the contact information provided on our contact page.  TO CONTACT US CLICK HERE


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