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In this portion of the site you can learn some songs arranged for the soprano recorder. Click on any of the titles listed to view the sheet music. The sheet music for each song will include the charts for the recorder. The key that each song is notated in is also listed. For any song that you are not familiar with, you can play it in the music player on the right hand side. You can scroll down to view them all. The songs in the player are numbered exactly the same as the songs listed on the left. Enjoy.

Soprano Recorder Songs

Song Title Play Song Key


Auld Lang Syne

F Major

Can Can

C Major

Danny Boy

Eb Major

Down in the Valley

G Major


A Minor

Lullaby     by  J. Brahms

C Major

Mexican Hat Dance

F Major

Ode to Joy   by L. Van Beethoven

G Major

Scarborough Fair

D Minor

Yankee Doodle

Bb Major
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Articles For Musicians

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