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An Explanation of the Charts we use on this website:

To the left is a picture of a soprano recorder. We have all of the holes numbered to correspond with the numbers on the holes on the chart to the right of it. The 0 represents the hole in the back of the recorder that the thumb of the left hand is used to cover. Numbers 1-7 represent the holes in the front of the recorder that the fingers of both hands are used to cover. The left hand is used for holes 0-3, with the thumb being used for hole 0 (in the back), the index finger of the left hand for hole 1, the middle finger of the left hand for hole 2 and the middle finger of the left hand for hole 3. The remaining holes 4-7 are covered by the fingers of the right hand; the index, middle, ring and pinky fingers.

NOTE: Below every chart that is in the style of Chart Style A, is the note indicated in standard music notation. Above it is the name of the note.

 Below, we display Chart Style B. We use Chart Style B for the recorder songs on this site.

Chart Style B is the type of charts we use for the songs. The numbers displayed in the expanded view are basically the same ones indicated on the picture of the recorder above. the hole coverage guide shows what is meant by a covered, open or partially- covered hole. The same is used for Chart Style A.

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