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Did you know that Albert Einstein didnít talk until the age of three?
In a childís development, the first words are usually spoken at about 12 months of age. Usually, by two years, most children have a vocabulary consisting of 270 words and their vocabulary increases to 2600 words by the age of six. But the most well known scientist of the twentieth century didnít speak until the age of three. It just goes to show you that some people are better off thinking before they speak.

Did you know that the Chinese written language assigns a single distinctive character to each word of the vocabulary?  Thatís right, it takes knowing 2000-3000 characters just to read a newspaper. Just think, you only have to know the 26 letters of our alphabet to read this article. Understanding itís humor, however, isnít quite that simple.

Did you know that the novel "War and Peace" contains 559 characters?
Just imagine it, 559 characters. The literary masterpiece created by Leo Tolstoy is also considered to be one of the greatest novels ever written, primarily due to its realism. In the novel he writes of important military battles (of the Napoleonic invasion) and historical figures as well as the lives of 5 aristocratic families. I guess youíd have to include a variety if you want to utilize 559 characters.

Did you know that during World War II, US agents developed plans to drop live bats from airplanes, for the purpose of scaring the Japanese?
Itís true. The plans were even approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. But the plans were abandoned because the bats froze at high altitudes. Now if they had planned to drop something considerably more fearsome that could deal with the cold a lot better, the plans might have had some merit. Like, letís say, polar bears (obviously by parachute). I think that live polar bears would scare me much more than a bunch of dead, frozen bats. Especially once they hit the ground. Even more so if they were hungry.

Do you know why some coins have ridges on the edges?
Well quarters, dimes and other coins with ridged edges were originally minted in silver. If somebody acquired one, they could shave a little silver off of the edges and if they did it to enough coins, they could accumulate quite a bit of silver. Well the ridged edges made it a little more obvious when that was being done. But I still havenít figured out why Ruffles potato chips have ridges.

Did you know that President John Tyler was the first vice-president to succeed to the office of the presidency, due to the death of his predecessor?
Yes, itís true. He became the tenth president of the United States when William Henry Harrison died about a month after his inauguration. Okay, so maybe you knew that one. But did you know that President John Tyler had actually served as a member of the congress of the Confederate States of America? Bet you didnít know that one.

Did you know that the American Indians were not the originators of the practice of scalping?  Scalping had actually been practiced in Europe by the Visigoths and Franks and in Asia by the Scythians, long before the Indians had even taken their first scalp. Scalping wasnít practiced by the American Indians until the French and Indian War, when the French awarded bounties for British scalps. I believe the French also invented the toupee. I guess thatís the restitution they made to the world for their previous transgressions.

Did you know that the Secret Service was founded, in 1865, primarily for the purpose of combating the counterfeiting of US currency?
In fact, counterfeiting became so widely spread that almost one-third of the currency in circulation at the time was believed to be counterfeit. It wasnít until 1901, after the assassination of President William McKinley, that the Secret Service was charged with the protection of the president and vice president. The Secret Service also protects the following: The presidentís and the vice-presidentís families, the president-elect, the vice-president elect, former presidents and their wives, widows of former presidents (until they die or remarry), children of former presidents (until they reach the age of 16), presidential and vice-presidential candidates of the major parties, and visiting heads of foreign governments. Basically, the only thing they donít protect is the US taxpayer.

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