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Captain Fisticuffs' Faithful Side-Kick: Sucker-Slap!
Now grab yourselves a cold Sodi Pop kids and read all about Sucker-Slap!
Sucker Slap is Captain Fisticuffs' faithful sidekick. While Captain fisticuffs may go fisticuffs all over someone, she will simply sucker slap people. As the term would imply, she often does it when people least expect it. She spends most of the time in sexy, seductive poses while Captain Fisticuffs is getting his butt kicked.

She is somewhat smarter than Captain Fisticuffs and often corrects him when he is doing something stupid. She usually speaks in short sentences and is often straight to the point. She may draw in a villain with her sexy poses and demeanor and when they get close enough, she sucker slaps them. the element of surprise is her most powerful weapon.

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