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Now grab yourselves some popcorn kids & read all about Captain Fisticuffs.
Captain Fisticuffs is a superhero that wears boxing gloves. He is not too bright. He speaks with a lisp and is rumored to be a bit light on his feet, but don't get him mad, because when he gets mad, he goes fisticuffs on you.

Born as Michael Mahoof, commonly referred to as Mikey, he lived an average middle-class childhood.  Young Mikey, however, had always maintained high ambitions.  Since he's not necessarily an individual of great intellect, he has always somehow managed to compensate for that particular deficiency with his optimistic and enthusiastic nature.

Captain Fisticuffs is Dr Psychotic's arch rival. Being not too bright, he often does things the hard way. He does, however, have a very high tolerance for pain.  He will often take a bullet but will just shrug it off, saying things like "Oh, that's gonna leave a mark." Or "That's gonna be a little sore in the morning."

Together with his trusty sidekick, Sucker-Slap, Captain Fisticuffs will forever work to free the world from the evil grips of Dr Psychotic and his horrible henchmen, henchwomen and other people of hench-like status. 

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