Why You Need a Stable Technology and Leveled Out Prices to Enter the Big TV Bandwagon by Muna wa Wanjiru

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About twelve years ago we bought a 29" television. We were newly married and wanted to outfit our apartment with a decent home theater system, along with a few other gadgets and toys. Our TV was our pride and joy and served us very well over the years and to this day. However, recently we've come to realize just how outdated our television has become, in functionality, features and especially size!

A couple of months ago, my sister's boyfriend went out and bought a 42" plasma television. If you want to talk about a big TV - this mammoth dwarfed our modest television in size! He planned to keep the TV at my sister's new place, since they do most of their movie watching there anyway. However, somehow my sister wasn't overly impressed. When she heard how much he paid, and had a chance to watch a couple of movies on this monster, she found that the difference in picture quality and sheer size, made little difference to her enjoyment. After much discussion, that big TV was sent back to the store in favor of a much smaller, economical model. My sister is completely happy with her reasonably sized television and with the surround sound system that they opted for instead.

My parents also recently purchased a very big TV. They went for the 42" Sony with plasma screen. The reason for this purchase is quite hilarious. My parents previously had a late model, 32" television in their living room. It drove my mother crazy to have that big TV sitting out plain view for all to see. She has some strange 1950's mentality, that it's somehow inappropriate for one to show off their TV set. She insisted that my father purchase a new model that would sit flush with the edge of their wall unit, and that could be enclosed behind doors of some fashion, when not in use.

My father (of course) jumped at the opportunity and went out and blew a wad of cash in the blink of an eye. Then he came home to make plans for some type of doors. This is where the story goes completely of the tracks: My dad somehow thought that using a bamboo blind to conceal this big TV would make a great fashion statement. And he spent three days rigging up this oddity. Now when people come to visit they can be driven to distraction trying to figure out what on earth is hidden behind that blind - AND exchange worried glances as to why my mother would allow a makeshift blind contraption to be the focal point of her living room.

In any case, my father is happy. This is one time when he actually benefited by one of my mother's whims, wacky bamboo blind or not.

As for our household, while we do long for a sleek, flat screen, up-to-the-minute, brand new big TV, we have decided for the technology to become more stable and the prices to level out. While it is much more excited to jump on the bandwagon and purchase the latest and greatest television system, we've learned to be more practical and put first things first. And hey, we can always visit my parents and watch the big TV at their house!

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