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TV and Cultural Imperialism by Sharon White

As television has embraced a huge number of nations we shall speak about global international market. The term “cultural imperialism” primarily appeared to demonstrate negative consequences of media spread throughout the world. So the initial definition of this process still keeps its negativity. As the term “cultural imperialism” demonstrates a modern manifestation of colonial and imperial relationships when peripheral countries are turned into markets for the cultural products of dominant nations. This negativity is caused by the appearance of one-way flow of television programming with dominance of the United States-produced media products. Simply it demonstrates the unfair exchange of media products in favor of the West. Such one-way flow is used to be called as imbalance in media production and distribution, “electronic neocolonialism” and even “Dallasification”. The last term came from the popular American serial “Dallas” which was widely spread and demonstrating the American lifestyle and values throughout the world. The special stress is made on unequal existence of local and foreign information sources with the great domination of the latter which has reached the volume allowing to call it propaganda. The cultural imperialism through TV is considered to be attempts to create one standard set of stereotyped ideas and values within the world.

However, there are arguments against such hostile attitude. Each nation’s culture has its own independent development but it still absorbs, interprets and embraces all outside phenomena. This process was encouraged by television when programs became available and easy-transmittable for every home independently on its religion, culture and style of life.

In its turn, this process initiated the democratic principles realization in mass media world. The principles of democracy when everybody has the right to choose and freedom to accept or refuse, to like or unlike came to every home through television. You may watch some movies or not, you can choose the programs or channels that you like or just switch off your television set and read a book. The next democratic principle of common equality is also perfectly executed by television: you have access to elite educational programs, expensive performances or movies which had not been affordable before.

While theorists and scholars try to suggest consequences upon their numerous researches the human society is actually using its brilliant ability to interact, develop and improve its nature with just ignoring the polemical manipulation around it.

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