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What Did Gilligan Wear? by Wendy Pan

Gilligan's Island took the United States by storm when it was broadcast in the 1960s. It was a series based upon the crew and passengers of a small boat being shipwrecked on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. The series was either loved or hated by the nation and ended up with cult status. Gilligan was a crewman on board this small vessel and the central character of the funny, if somewhat unbelievable, show. There were many quizzical facts which, if you were to ponder too long, would almost certainly spoil your enjoyment of the shows. One of these has to be regarding the wardrobe situation of the cast. The question; "what did Gilligan wear?" however, must be the easiest to answer.

If you consider the fact that the boat initially set out for only a three hour pleasure cruise, you will be quite surprised by the number of alternative outfits some of the passengers had at their disposal. Mr and Mrs Howells, for example, seem to have brought clothing for every eventuality and each week would be wearing something clean and fresh and suitable for life on a deserted island. So, when they changed for dinner, what did Gilligan wear?

Another passenger shipwrecked was the lovely movie star, Ginger Grant. In the first episode of the show, Ginger was usually wearing clothes that had been made from sails etc from the Minnow. There was one gown that she wore that actually had the name of the boat on it. However, later in the shows history Ginger seemed to come across a supply of rather lovely evening dresses and high heeled shoes and was often seen in different outfits. But what did Gilligan wear when Ginger was all dressed up in her lovely dresses and stylish shoes?

Mary Ann Summers was the down to earth wholesome country girl of the show. Saying that, however, she was capable of some pretty racy costume changes too and was seen in a variety of wholesome, yet very sexy, shorts and tops. She also seemed to have salvaged a good make up kit to give her that 'I have no make up on' look. Mary Ann was the homely cook of the party and was responsible for feeding the shipwrecked islanders. But whilst she was creating her organic feasts dressed in her lovely 'Dorothy' style range of clothes... what did Gilligan wear?

Well, Gilligan, it would seem, was not quite as well organised as the others. Although the series was named after him, he drew the short straw and ended up wearing exactly the same in every episode. No changes at all. Denim jeans, red shirt with a white collar, white hat. Poor Gilligan, it hardly seems fair... or hygienic!

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