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What's on Television - How Can You Decide What to Watch? by Cecil Flynn

There couldn't possibly be enough hours in the day to watch all the programs available on television today. How can you choose from the multitude of channels and shows there are? Remember when there were only three networks to choose from?

Once the big three networks had it all, they were the three kings of television. Our viewing choices were limited, but oh did we watch! Sunday nights were dominated by Ed Sullivan and everyone trusted Walter Cronkite for the latest news. Reality TV - what was that? We enjoyed our westerns like Gunsmoke and Bonanza and the police dramas like Dragnet. And who can forget the great variety shows like Carol Burnett? Yes our viewing was limited, but it was quality television.

What about television today? How does it measure up to TV's golden era? That question can be answered in many different ways. Some people will see all the programs today as trash with nothing worth watching. Some are happy with all the choices they have. Is there a happy medium?

Of course there is! Not everything on television today will appeal to everyone. That is the beauty of it - there is something for everyone. Television executives today have so much more creative freedom. They can market to small niches of viewers. They don't have to produce what will appeal to the masses. There are channels for people who love sports, not just sports in general but different types of sports like racing, golf, rodeo, etc. There are channels devoted to cooking, home decorating, news, etc. You can find just about anything you want on television today.

That doesn't mean there isn't trash on TV as well. Parents need to be vigilant in monitoring what their children watch. Most TV's today come equipped with parental controls so you can lock out shows with certain ratings. If you can't lock shows out with the TV, your cable or satellite provider will have program controls as well.

Television today gives you a broader choice of educational and children's programs. Kids can learn about the universe, different countries, and how things work. Adults and children alike can experience virtual deep sea fishing, racing across the Baja, and climbing the world's highest mountain ranges. Television production crews go to great lengths to bring us exciting thrills like arctic crab fishing - Deadliest Catch anyone?

It may not be the golden age of television anymore, but television today has so much to offer. There is something for everyone. You just need to be wise in your viewing choices. You can find great things to watch on TV!

Cecil is a home improvement nut! He loves to spend time enjoying old movies and classic television shows. He views TV for free using an HDTV antenna, which he reviews on his website:
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