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Narrating your Story Idea or Screenplay to Hollywood by Paris Anderson

The best way of introducing your script idea or a completed script to Hollywood is by calling the producers’ production office or studio. There is a good chance that in the call you are only able to a member of the producer’s staff who could be normally a secretary or a production assistant.

If you think that the producers’ staff are not important then think again. This is because the Producers’ staff are always looking for a reason to barge into their bosses office with - “Boy, have I found a good story for you!” Producers’ assistants are always hunting around to find ways of impressing their bosses.

When you are on the phone with a member of the producers’ staff, don’t sound over anxious and/or nervous. You must sound as professional as possible. Keep your call brief and to the point. In case a member of the producers’ staff asks you to give a brief summary of what your script is about, you should tell them without hesitation. Never display the slightest concern or announce of doubt in revealing your story idea out of fear that your creative writings might be stolen then you can consider yourself dead in the water.

The stealing of scripts is non-existent in Hollywood because million dollar deals are happening all the time. So there is no need for anyone to steal other’s scripts. In fact whosoever shows concern about this, is usually looked down upon by industry professionals. The last thing YOU want to do is to make Hollywood insiders
feel uncomfortable by going around displaying fear that your script may be stolen.

It’s very insulting when you start displaying fear and mistrust that your story idea or script will be safe under their care. This clearly shows your level of trust. With this, you pronounce yourself “I AM an OUTSIDER” written all over your face. Hollywood as it is very reluctant to do business with outsiders.

Hollywood is a social fabric of closely knit people and they are highly fearful of doing business with outsiders. They often make deals over the phone and many times at lunch. If you want to fit in, you must make them feel at ease. Your chances of survival in Hollywood will be much greater if you come off looking like an INSIDER.

If you think talent alone can help you succeed then you are wrong. Talent has a major role to play in your success but not the deciding factor. Being a good game player can conceal the fact that you lack talent. Making contacts in Hollywood is VITAL.

Announce your arrival. Make it an event. Play their game! Dare to be unique. Sell yourself! If you want it - want it so bad that you can taste it - you can make it happen in Hollywood!

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