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King Kong Review by Laney-Jane Jackman

Three time Oscar winner Peter Jackson reteams with his screenwriting partners Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh to retell the story of King Kong. The large ape who is captured and brought to civilization to meet its tragic ends. Jackson was always interested in retelling the story of the love story between the large creature and Ann Darrow (played by Naomi Watts).

After his great success from the Lord of the Ring trilogies, Peter Jackson dove right back into filmmaking with this great and popular character in the history of cinema. There had been so many films made based on the original that it was difficult to know where to begin and where to end and still keep the audience on its toes. After a long casting period, the main players were chosen and moved to New Zealand to begin production. Adrian Brodey and Jack Black were the first to step on the boat.

Jackson completed principal photography a few months ago in New Zealand he is now working with his team of editors to polish the rough ends. While a trailer was released recently, many people criticized the fact that King Kong was revealed to the audience as opposed to extending the teaser and suspense period.

Recent poles and statistics have shown that the trailers that give away the least amount of information on the film are the one to bring the more people to the theatres. "And it's quite understandable. People go to see what has been marinating in their imaginations... With King Kong, the trailer doesn't leave much room for anything else. We know what he looks like and how he moves. I think that this was a very bad move on part of the marketing team," says Brian Copote.

Other films that are said to be released around the same time as King Kong are Machiavelli Hangman ( and Wedding Season with Nicole Kidman. Whether these two smaller films will be completely crushed by the size of Jackson's mega-motion picture is to be seen.

So far, Peter Jackson, has enjoyed a great amount of following for the Lord of the Rings mainly because there was such a huge fan base of the book and there had never been a movie made from the books. In this case, King Kong was never based on any novels and it has been shown on the silver screen several times. This may or may not be a handicap but one thing's for sure. It will certainly not equal the $300,000,000 success of the Lord of the Rings.

About the Author
Laney-Jane Jackman is a pediatrician and a part time film reviewer for online publications. Machiavelli Hangman 

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