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The Alkaline Diet
The Health Whacko
HealthAndFitnessForums Histamine Tolerance
The Med Supply Guide Mental Health
N.I.H. Supplement Finder Mental Health
Professions Regional
Remember, Kids: Always be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables.
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Top ten causes of death in the United States (2002 Statistics)
(1) Diseases of the heart heart attack (mainly) 28.5%
(2) Malignant neoplasms cancer 22.8%
(3) Cerebrovascular disease stroke 6.7%
(4) Chronic lower respiratory disease emphysema, chronic bronchitis 5.1%
(5) Unintentional injuries accidents 4.4%
(6) Diabetes mellitus diabetes 3.0%
(7) Influenza and pneumonia flu & pneumonia 2.7%
(8) Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's senility 2.4%
(9) Nephritis and Nephrosis kidney disease 1.7%
(10) Septicemia systemic infection 1.4%
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