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He's driven many a person to drink with his horrible,  corny jokes!
A rather good looking bloke, don't you think?
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TWinston Rutherford Leights was born into a working class family in Liverdrool England. However, this particular Liverdudlian had eventually become popular throughout the world. He starred in 35 motion pictures, most of which failed miserably at the box office. He's basically famous throughout the world for being a terrible actor.
Winston currently works full time as an ampoule packaging technician and does some work as an MC of various events. But his greatest love was his weekly stint as a co-host of the Dr. Psychotic Open Mic at the Castle Night Club in Hamburg. Which, unfortunately for him, was canceled due to the effect that his irritating personal presence had on those who attended. To see Winston's favorite Comedies. CLICK HERE 
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