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Here is a picture of Kahuna Boy showing his softer, gentler side.
kahuna boy 
Hey dudes, check out Kahuna's totally awesome story!
Kahuna Boy is a true legend on the surf circuit. Not necessarily because of his surfing abilities, in fact he sucks, but he has been a sort of mascot to those who do have some ability. Notorious for being somewhat of a party animal, he has been known to win many a beer guzzling contest. His record: 32 Meister Braus in a five minute period. He almost lost his life on that one but thanks to the latest innovations in stomach pump technology, he was able to pull through.       
Kahuna has also been spotted occasionally at various karaokes and open mics. He has even parlayed his popularity into a successful lei business. He has his own line of leis, even though he himself has his own favorite lei that he wears every day. In fact, he prefers a steady lei. But he only believes in producing quality merchandise because Kahuna believes that there's nothing better than a good lei.  
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