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Harvey Larvae posing for a promo pic shortly after going solo.
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The Story of Harvey Larvae, the Rock Star
Harvey Larvae first burst onto the music scene as the lead guitarist for the highly popular rock group the Memphis Maggots. Billing themselves as the greatest band in the history of mankind, they toured endlessly in their three years together. But trouble eventually broke out when the lead singer, Arty "Farty" McFarson, began his deep dark descent into drug abuse. His drug of choice: Laxatives. You see, Arty always had a problem controlling his weight. Most people, however, would try to correct their weight problems by diet or exercise. Well, Arty couldn't be bothered with that. That would have required willpower. So he chose laxatives instead. At first, it didn't really affect the band at all, but eventually, the seepage began to show on stage. The band felt that it was destructive to their image to have a lead singer that soiled himself during each performance. It just wasn't cool. It really wouldn't have been so bad if Arty hadn't insisted upon wearing white pants.

The final straw came during a televised performance at Madison Square Garden. Arty soiled himself again, just like so many performances before, but this time Harvey slipped on the runny pile Arty left on the stage. He broke his arm in the process. The doctors thought that Harvey might never be able to play guitar again. But after 6 months of rehabilitation and physical therapy, his guitar playing was right back to where it was before the infamous "pile on the stage" incident. The band never got back together again because, quite frankly, Harvey just couldn't deal the crap anymore. So he practiced his vocals and went solo.

Harvey released his first solo album, Sounds like Pupae, to critical raves. The public also went wild over it. The album sold more copies than any of his previous albums with the Memphis Maggots. He went on to have a string of top ten albums. After years of not associating with one another, Harvey and Arty finally buried the hatchet. Arty had kicked his drug habit and cleaned up his act. So all of the original members of the Memphis Maggots got together again for a reunion tour. But because of being in the limelight, once again, Arty became very self-conscious of his weight. He began using laxatives again. While performing once again at Madison Square Garden, this time on a world-wide telecast beamed via satellite, Arty laid another runny pile on stage. Harvey, during an extended lead guitar solo, ran across the stage and slipped on the aforementioned runny pile and fell. He hit the base of his skull on the stage. He went into a coma and died the next day. His legacy still lives on though. Millions of people still play his music, both his solo works as well as his work with the Mags. He was a true original.
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