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He's really more of a legend in his own mind than in his own time.
Check out the amazing story of Reginald Chesterfield III
Reginald Chesterfield III was born in Worcestershire, England. Reggie began his showbiz career when he discovered that he had a great talent for making people laugh. Unfortunately, he was only able to make them laugh at times when he was serious and wasn't able to make them laugh at times when he was trying to make them do so. His solution: try to be serious and they will most likely laugh. He was right. He became a superstar virtually overnight.
Reggie always loved to have fun. He would always be the first person at a party to wear a lampshade or candy dish on his head. Reggie also loved to drink, which is probably why he would sing and dance with a candy dish on his head. But his drinking would soon turn him into a terrible and highly unlikable tyrant. The overly obnoxious know-it-all type that would alienate himself from just about everyone he came in contact with. When intoxicated, he would become the "Evil Professor Dementia."

Reggie co-hosted the Dr Psychotic Open Mic at the Castle Night Club in Hamburg, NJ. It, however, was canceled because of his binge-drinking and vomiting on stage and the irritating personality of his co-host, Winston Leights. 
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