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Mario Calzoni, backstage at the 1983 Crammy Awards.
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The Story of Opera Singing Star Mario Calzoni
Mario Calzoni was born in 1946, in Scumona, Italy. He began touring the world in 1967. He was an instant hit. Being famous for trashing hotel rooms in the style of a rock star and for stopping up many a toilet, he was banned from performing in a number of cities throughout the world.
The most controversial of all incidents, however, was probably the fiasco that had taken place at the 1983 Crammy awards. First, he was announced as the winner for the opera album of the year. He waddled his way to the stage (he was morbidly obese) and accepted the award. Then he gave a wonderful acceptance speech, thanking everyone involved with the record. When, all of a sudden, he was interrupted and told that it was a misprint and that the real winner was Mary O. Malvoni. That's when the chaos began. He threw the award into the audience and it struck an elderly woman on the head. Then he punched the unsuspecting bearer of the bad news right in the face. He then proceeded to unzip his pants and urinated on the stage. Three security guards grabbed him and pulled him off the stage.

Mario made a public apology two days later and to show that there were no hard feelings, he paid a hospital visit to the elderly woman who had been struck on the head with the award. He gave her an autographed copy of his most recent album and free tickets to his next show. Unfortunately, she died of complications two days later. The family didn't file a law suit because, after all, he did say he was sorry.
Mario's second love (as if we didn't know) was food. He opened a chain of pizzerias called Gluttinos. But when dozens of people died from food poisoning, the entire chain was forced to shut down. It was then that his music career was taken off the backburner and pursued with vigor. He announced that he would be touring with two other overweight opera singers, Luigi Flabarotti and Georgio Riccotto, for the three tonors tour. At first, it was a huge success. But eventually, interest waned and the money they brought in wasn't nearly enough to pay the astronomical costs of feeding the three lards, I mean, stars. So Mario went solo.
In 1990, Mario became heavily involved in philanthropic undertakings. He began his "Feed the world" tour. Unfortunately, the proceeds were barely enough to feed Mario. Very litle was left to help feed the rest of the world. Plagued by health problems, Mario was forced to retire in 1994. He had three strokes and one heart attack in 1995 and then another stroke and two heart attacks in 1996. But as tough as he was at shrugging off his various strokes and heart attacks, he finally died on May 6th, 2000. It seems that Mario, in spite of being very fat and unsightly, loved to swim in the nude. While swimming in his pool at his recently purchased beach house, Mario was accidentally harpooned by local fishermen who had apparently mistaken him for a beached whale and an easy kill. The Opera world will miss him dearly. So will the many pizzerias he regularly visited. 
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