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Wish You Were Here Loving Me.  My Job Stinks
Episode One 
Brutally Honest Abe
Episode One 
Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar
Music Video Comedy  Comedy   Instructional 
This is the video for Bob Craypoe's song, "Wish You Were Here Loving me." It features artwork from the Louvre. This is part of a two part series called "Things are the same no matter where you is." This episode introduces the characters.  In Episode 1, "It's not easy being honest.", Abe explains the downside of being honest. Brutally honest that is.  This video explains the advantages to learning fingerstyle guitar techniques. presented by Bob Craypoe of 
Loomis Julip Episode 1
"Meet Loomis Julip" 
Loomis Julip Episode 2 "The Reviews Are In"  Loomis Julip Episode 3
"The Laugh Track" 
Out of Celt
Music Video 
Comedy   Comedy   Comedy   Music Video  
This is the very first episode where Loomis Julip introduces himself to the world.  In "The reviews are in", Loomis Julip reads the letters sent from those who viewed his first episode.  In episode 3, Loomis adds a few new features to his video blog. Among them is the laugh track.  The video for Bob Craypoe's song "Out of Celt" from his CD: To Infinity.  
Early Morning
Music Video 
Techno Babel
Music Video 
The Totally Awesome Guitar Chord Book Ad The Bob Craypoe
Fan Club 
Music Video   Music Video   Commercial  Comedy  
The video for Bob Craypoe's song "Early Morning" from the CD: To Infinity. Featuring images of ruins in Central and South America.  This is the video for the song "Techno Babel", from Bob Craypoe's Debut CD-To Infinity. The first video created by and for the CD.  This is the ad for the "Totally Awesome Guitar Chord Book" released by Publications. It features 168 guitar chords and other features.  This is a video of Bob's nieces. They put on fake glasses and wigs and pretend to be different characters that are members of his fan club. (humor) 
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