Stepping In Dog Crap:
Ya know what really makes the hairs on my butt stand on end?  How ya never smells dawg crap until after ya steps in it? Like the time when my good friend Jethro came over to give me a ride to the fishin' hole.  We was-a-ridin' down the road, when all-a-sudden, we was a smellin' somethin' a little rotten and very similar to the distinct fragrance of dawg crap.  Then I looks down and see that good ole' Shep left a little somethin' for me out on the lawn and I done stepped all in it. Well Jethro was all-a-huffin' and-a-puffin' cuz I smudged it all in the floor mat of his brand spankin' new Ford Pickup. That was the last time he ever came over to my house too. It's a shame when somethin' like that has to come between old friends.

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