Soap Operas:
You know what really gets me? Those soap operators you see on TV. First they kills somebody off and then six months later, when the feller finds out he can't get no other work, they writes him back into the show. They tries to find some logical way to explain how Ridge McBrook fell outta the plane after bein' all shot up in the head with a pistol at point-blank range and somehow survived. First off, if you has ten bullets in your head, you is probably dead! It don't even matter if they throws you out of the plane without a parachute, cuz you is dead even before ya hits the ground. And if ya wasn't dead before you hits the ground, you know you is after. Ya just don't bounce back from that sorta thing. Then when Cliff Van Cleef falls off the cliff, into the sea, six months later he washes up somewhere in the midwest, where there aint even an ocean. Then he can't remember nuttin'. He's got anastasia, so you has to go through this long process of him trin' to remember everythin'.

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