High Society:
You know what really eats at me like a rat on cheese? Stuck up high society peoples. You know, like the kinds that think they is all too smart fer ya just-a-cuz they has an education above the sixth grade. Then they talks all about their wonderful jawbs, like my jawb isn't as important as theirs. Ya see, I work at my grampaw's bait shop down by the fishin' hole. But nobody finds them big juicy night crawlers like the kinds I digs up. I'd kinda like to see those little sissy boys in their fancy suits try to digs up the night crawlers like the size of the ones I gets. Cuz I always had a gift fer that sort of thang. Not everybody has that gift either. There is just so many peoples in this world blessed with that kind of talent. And I is proud to say that I is one of the few. So you can have your Oscars and your Grammys and your congressional medal of honor, that don't impress me none at all. Cuz I got my nightcrawlers at Grampaw's bait shop down by the fishin' hole. And ya can't takes that away from me. Not unless you pay me 99 cents for a can of them. I throws the dirt in for free! And that's what I calls dirt-cheap! Get it? Dirt-cheap! Oh, nevermind.

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