Getting Fired:
And there is somethin’ else that really eats at me like a crawdad in my underpants. Gettin’ fired. It’s like ya can’t spend a little time just goofin’ off and havin’ a little fun. A little thumb tack on the bosses chair, a little super glue causin’ his coffee cup to stick to his desk or a handful of marbles on his office floor, makin’ him fall. It aint like you’re tryin’ ta kill him or nuttin’. Just havin’ a little fun is all. I aint done it but three or four times, tops. Then ya sticks a handful of sugar in his cup of coffee to make it reel sweet . How’s I supposed to know he’s a diaretic? He plum went into a diaretic coma. He aint never come out yet neither. That’s a lot of diarrhea man! I swear I didn’t mean for nuttin’ like that to happen. 

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