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Brass Band Instruments For Middle School Kids
by  Arman Hansen

As your child grows and goes through elementary school, they are introduced to music in a variety of ways. By the time they hit the sixth grade, or middle school, they are offered the opportunity to join the school band. There are plenty of different types of instruments that can be used in a school band, but many children choose a brass band instrument.

Brass band instruments come in a wide assortment. Of course, there is a trumpet, trombone, and the tuba that many people are familiar with, but it goes beyond that. There are actually two separate trombones, a tenor and a bass, a French horn, a flugelhorn, the Coronet including the soprano cornet, baritones, and euphonium horn and all are considered a part of brass instrument family.

Brass instruments are often made of plated or lacquered brass but some, especially those that are used by professionals, may be made of silver or gold plating and even fewer are made from wood. Very rarely you will find them of stainless steel or aluminum, but because they are played with the mouth, microorganisms can develop, and this type of metal does not discourage microorganisms.

Children who begin with brass instruments often begin with the trombone, which is a slide instrument, or perhaps the cornet or trumpet a valve instrument, the baritone another valve instrument, or the tuba also a valve instrument. It's important when choosing an instrument for a child especially of the brass variety that you take the size of the child into account. The tuba and the baritones can both be quite heavy, and the slide on the trombone can be difficult to get into the right spot if a child has not grown arm length yet.

Don't let your child get discouraged because they cannot blow the proper sound at first, it takes time to develop the lungs and the breath control to play a brass instrument. With constant practice, your child will begin to learn to make the right breath control movements to play the instrument. Just remember, that enthusiasm can actually cause them to practice too long within the first couple of days, their mouth, lips, tongue, and even their chests can become sore. So don't let over enthusiasm ruin your child's enjoyment of the instrument.

Brass band instruments for middle school children are easy to find either new or used. Many band instrument companies offer payment plans and rental plans, and if you look around your community you may find an inexpensive used brass instrument. Don't let the financial aspect ruin the chance your child may have of learning a lifelong appreciation for music. Find out more tips about band instruments at

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