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Hit the Right Note on Your Cello With the Right Cello Chairs by  Ilse Hagen

If you are planning to learn how to play the cello then it's not only the instrument that you will need to invest in. Cello players also require the use of cello chairs in order to play their instrument well. As you can probably see, cellos are too heavy and large to play standing up. This is why a cellist needs a special chair in order to play the cello comfortably. A cello chair can be used in both the performance and during rehearsals. Once you find the right cello chair for you, you can expect to play the cello with the right balance and the correct posture.

Chairs that stay in place

If you often play the cello in one location then fixed cello chairs are for you. As the name describes, a fixed chair has a permanent height and position. In fact, it is almost similar to any chair in the home. If you find that you get worn out by sitting on hard surfaces then you can opt for a cello chairs that is padded with foam. However, if you ended up buying a bare chair then you can always purchase a separate set of foam padding to put in your new chair. A fixed cello chair is recommended if you do most of your playing at home, in a certain part of the house. These fixed chairs come in various materials like steel or wood.

Bring it anywhere

If you regularly play your cello from one place to another then an adjustable cello chairs are better choice for you. Adjustable cello chairs are often made of steel and can be customized according to different heights. If there are several people who are using the cello chair then it's probably a good idea to get an adjustable one.

Important buying tips

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