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Choosing a Wedding DJ - 10 Things to Think About When Hiring a DJ by  Greg Yarnold

For the most important day in your life, the entertainment at your wedding is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. The entertainment you have is one of the top things that you and your friends will remember about the day, so here are some things to think about when hiring the best Wedding DJ for the job.

1) The budget for your entertainment is one of the earliest things that you need to decide upon. Talk to several DJ services and see how they compare. Do they have any specials? A lot of companies offer coupons or specials during off peak season weddings. Do they bundle services together such as the disc jockey and videography? When companies bundle services together you can often save a lot of money.

2) You want to make sure that the DJ has experience. Meet the DJ's in advance! The last thing that you want to have at the reception is uncomfortable silence or some "DJ" that doesn't know how to operate their own equipment. References go hand in hand with experience; they should have plenty of good references that come with phone numbers that you can call. If the DJ only has one or two references, or they don't give you the phone numbers, then be careful that could be a sign they don't do good work or they have not be doing it very long.

3) How interactive with the audience is the DJ? How interactive do you want them to be? Different DJ's have different styles, from laid back, to ones that drive the party forward. Which one is right for you and your wedding? Are you going to have a lot of small children at your wedding or mainly an adult crowd? Each one may require a different type of DJ. Do you want a DJ that just plays music or one that can MC your whole reception, providing introductions and doing games or dances called ice breakers.

4) Has the DJ had training? Do they have ongoing training? Some of the larger DJ services provide a lot of training to their DJ's on an ongoing basis. They help the DJ's develop their technique, practice on equipment, provide MC training and give them ice breakers to use during the reception.

5) Nothing is worse than your DJ not showing up for the wedding, what a nightmare. You want to ask the DJ what would happen in case they are ill or have an emergency. Do they have a backup plan? What if their equipment malfunctions? Most of the larger DJ services have extra DJ's and equipment they can get to your wedding quickly so that the reception party doesn't miss a beat.

6) Do you want all different types of music at your reception? Make sure that your DJ has the types of music that you and your wedding guests will want. Some DJ's have only a few hundred songs, others have thousands of songs to choose from. What type of quality is the music? Some DJ's may only have illegal copies of songs downloaded from the internet that are of poor quality, others have albums of songs from professional licensing services that only provide the highest quality recordings.

7) Does the DJ listen to your concerns? Or do they downplay what you say? After all, this is the most important day in your life. They should listen to what you say, perform professionally and help to take the worry out of your day, not be a source of worry.

8) Do they use written contracts? If not that could be a sign that they are not professional, a contact protects both parties, and means that you have recourse in case they do not follow through with the agreement. The price should also be in the contract so there is no dispute when it comes time to pay the DJ.

9) Does the DJ dress appropriately for the kind of wedding reception that you want? Do they have a tuxedo that they can wear? You don't want your DJ to show up to your upscale wedding reception in a t-shirt and flip flops.

10) Does your DJ have lighting? Some DJ Services are starting to incorporate lighting in amazing ways. We're not talking about a few lights and maybe a disco ball, but full up lighting. They can turn a plain reception hall into a fantasy upscale reception. They will usually bundle the lighting in with the DJ service at a discount.

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