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How to Become a DJ - Easiest Tips on How to Be a DJ by  Arthur J Clement

Are you someone who is looking at ways on how to become a DJ? Not just a regular, but a world class DJ? Each and every week a new night club opens up around the world. What does this mean for you? Well the chance to be able to practice and experience the thrills of how to be a DJ. DJing involves playing and mixing the tracks both you and the club wants played. Placing emphasis on your own beats and placing your heart at the beat of the music. For this you need passion but also a sense of fun. If you are looking to DJ you need to know now that you will need DJ software.

With DJing you have the luxury of getting to travel the world and live it up. Obviously you do not need to do this all of the time and this is what many people wonder. When i am 45 will clubs still want me playing for them? The answer is as long as you provide the customers with good music they will not mind. There are also other options as the club scene can get fairly hectic. Trust me I know. That is when people come to me asking how to become a radio DJ. The answer is simple but first take a look at some tip I have put together on how to become a DJ in the first place.

  • Firstly, you need to be a good DJ and DJing takes practice and time. Most of all it takes a willingness to learn and to do a damn good job at that. You need to be able to know what beats are both attractive to your audience and also to the styles that you want to mix. DJ equipment is essential and many things can be got quite cheaply, it is paramount however that you understand how to use this equipment. This could be in the form of laptop software, turntables, mixers etc. If you know how to use these well you will succeed.
  • Develop your own style. When you are looking to at how to be a DJ it is imperative that have your own style, your own flavour and also your personal way of doing things. This is what differentiates you from the crowd. So when people come to see you they will remember you better. You basically want to stand out from the crowd. You also want to get across to others the music you like and what a DJ set from you is going to entail. Remember you aim to please and this is what your music should do. Remember DJing is a skill and like any skill you can master it and also you can eventually teach others. Develop yourself personally and mix up what you play. Remember not everyone loves hip hop, some may like soul or house music. Listen to what people ask for and adapt, this is the best way on how to become a DJ.
  • Finally it is really important that you excel yourself. Go beyond the means to succeed. Approach others and see if they need someone to play at a party, a birthday, whatever it is you want your first gig. My first gig I played for free. Then I landed two other gigs and played for 1 year before I finally hit it big and got a job in Ibiza playing to massive crowds. Get your own DJing set down and recorded and get it out there. This is the way you sell yourself in this world as a DJ. Like a resume or a cv this is what will allow you embark on a journey you will never forget.

So now that I have laid out a few basics on how to become a DJ you need to learn what it really takes and how to be a DJ. Hang in there never give up and realise that by putting your set out there, your taking the next step to realizing the dream. DJing brings in a lot of money, it is a lot of fun and the career prospects are amazing. I now own my own nightclub in Ibiza and it all started with DJing which is something I will never give up.

Click Here if you feel you have what it takes and want to learn how to become a dj.

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