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How to Improve Your Singing Voice - Good Tips
by  Perry Johnson

Here are a few tips on how to improve your singing voice..

#1. LEARN TO BREATHE. So you think you know how to breathe, right? Well there's breathing and then there's breathing. Let me explain. When you breathe normally you breathe from your chest. Now if you want to take a really deep breath you need to fill up your stomach. Good posture will help you to draw in more air, and the more air you can draw in the more power you will have in your voice. So stand up straight and push your belly out. Along with more power in your voice you will also sing better because deep breathing reduces stress.

#2. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK. The idea here is that you want to keep your larynx free from anything that will clog it up. Milk products are not good for your throat for the same reasons they are good for soothing heartburn. So on the days you perform or have your singing lessons, try to drink only water. It's the best for your voice. And avoid spicy foods. They can irritate your larynx and the slight inflammation they cause is not good for your vocal chords.

#3. PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. It is important to distinguish between what you think you are doing and what you actually are doing when you sing. The body is good at what it does, and once it learns to do something a certain way then it likes to continue to do it that way. So when you make a change to the way you sing, your body tells your brain that the change is much bigger than it is in reality. Using a mirror will help you to see with your very own eyes how to improve your singing voice.

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Perry Johnson loves good music in all of it's forms. He was raised in a musical family and plays the cello and piano in addition to singing.

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