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Improve Vocal Range - One Simple Technique
by  Ashley Detig

Learning how to improve vocal range may be the most sought after skill in the singing world. And it is no wonder why; an expanded voice range increases your marketability as a vocalists by increasing the variety of music you are able to perform. One of the most common misconception about learning to improve vocal range is that it can not be done. It is often taught that an individual is born with a certain vocal range that is "fixed," or that can not be changed. Fortunately for many vocalists, this has been found to be FALSE. You CAN increase and improve vocal range.

This is because singing is an acquired skill. It is learned! There are many aspects of singing and each one can be practiced and improved upon. Though it is true that some individuals are born with more of an inclination toward singing, they must practice and train their voices just as an athlete trains and practices his skill. One can improve vocal range simply by adding ONE technique to his vocal warm-up exercise routine: the tongue trill.

The tongue trill is a SIMPLE vocal exercise technique that can easily be incorporated to any pre-existing warm-up regiment. We know that vocal exercises are ESSENTIAL to learning how to sing. Vocal warm-ups stimulate different throat and articulatory muscles through the use of phonological components combined with musical scales. Many of you have heard the "la-la-la," or "me-me-me," in conjunction with various scales that are sung before performances or practices. The tongue trill is incorporated into these exercises by replacing the "la-la" with a trill, a cat-like "purr" generated placing the tongue loosely behind the alveolar ridge before the hard palate. (behind the top row of teeth before the roof of your mouth) When one exhales, the air stream causes the tongue to vibrate along the hard palate, creating a feline "purr-ing" sound that can be produced in conjunction with any musical scale.

Using the tongue trill technique alongside regularly practiced vocal exercises will maximize the number of throat and articulatory muscles that are activated during warm-ups. The muscles stimulated by the tongue trill help many improve vocal range, especially when used in warm-ups with a range normally difficult to attain. It is a simple technique that will help acquire and retain and newly expanded voice range.

Learning to improve vocal range is a skill many vocalists aspire to attain. That is because it is such an important facet to singing. Improving vocal range not only allows you to hit higher notes, but the constant training and practicing perfects your current range in the process. Even the most successful vocalist strives to improve upon and expand his range. Professionals are constantly trying to learn how to improve singing and seeking out new techniques. A great way to do that is through online training.

For many people, voice lessons online are a great way to learn how to improve vocal range and attain vocal quality you never thought possible!

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