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5 Methods of Promoting a Band by Brain Caron Shelly

The easiest way of promoting a band or a solo musician is to promote it online. It is so far the easiest, most effective and cheapest way of getting publicity worldwide. A person just needs to follow it in a planned and organized way. Thousands of talented singers and musicians cannot see the light of success just because of this lack of promotion. Many of them have even tried to promote their music online, but they are now lost under the list of thousands of other band websites and will never be noticed. This has occurred because of the lack of proper planning of online promotion. People have to consult with the experts to make their band website get noticed by other music lovers all over the world.

There are few steps that the bands or solo musicians have to follow to promote their music online. Some of then are briefly discussed below,

1. Firstly, you can publish a personal website of your band, where you can give adequate information about your band, like the artists' biography, discography, mp3s of some of your top guitar riffs, wallpapers of your band etc. This is a very effective method that you can adopt to promote your band.

2. Another important and effective method is advertising. You can contact with other well known websites and cast your band's advertisement in their site so that other people can see it. This can also be done by contacting any search engine optimization company; they can cast the advertisement of your band's website in other websites.

3. One very effective and easy method is to join a social networking website, where you give information about your band, upload some cool riffs for other people to listen and also some of your home made videos. A social networking site provides a lot of space for you to interact with thousands of people all over the world. People all over the world are eager to watch good music videos, so if you upload home made videos of some of your top guitar riffs or keyboard riffs on these sites; it will be very helpful for your publicity.

4. You can also participate in the music forums available on different websites on the internet. Here also you can provide information about your band or your band's website which other users can see.

5. The last and most effective method is a little costly, but very effective. If you own a iPhone, you must have a music app in it, known as the Riff raters. Using this iPhone app you can record your music and share them with other iPhone users. Other interested users will find this music automatically, listen to them and rate them accordingly. If your music gets very good ratings, it will go higher up the rank. And higher ranked music riffs will automatically be noticed by others. This method might be a little costly, but will surely be very effective in increasing your publicity. This is however the easiest and most effective way of promoting your music online.

If you are an upcoming keyboard player, then your main aim is to promote your music, then the music iPhone app can be of great help to promote.

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