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How to Enter the Bass Guitar Player's World
by Or Keinan

The bass guitar player is extremely lucky since the electric model comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. In fact, they are remarkably similar to the electric guitar in not only construction, but also in appearance as well. However, the electric bass does have a much longer neck as well as longer body than the electric guitar.

One other noticeable difference between the electric bass and the electric guitar is the scale length and the number of strings. The electric model has six strings instead of five strings, which the majority of electric guitars only have. The electric model does have the same pitch as the double bass, but that pitch is perhaps an octave lower than four lower strings of an electric guitar, which would E, A, D, and G on a scale.

The electric bass is very similar in not only appearance but also in construction to the electric bass. The bass player is one of the most important band members due to their high octave sound, which is especially true of the electric model when it is plugged into an amplifier and a speaker during a live performance.

Just in recent years bass players have doubled in numbers replacing double bass players in today's most popular music. In fact the bass line in the songs today, which use to be played by a double bass, is now being played by a bass guitar. This bass line also will greatly vary from bass player due to style of each individual.

The very first electric model was created in 1930 in Seattle, Washington by Paul Tutmarc. This first electric model has only four strings and a thirty and half inch scale length, which made it extremely easy to hold and transport for the bass guitar player. During 1950, this version took on some new developments, but for twenty years the first electric model stayed the same.

During this time, the now famous, Leo Fender was the first to begin to mass produce the electric model with George Fullerton, his employee. With this mass production of the electric model the evolution of the bass player began from this very simple process. Leo Fender's body design was very similar to the Telecaster with a single number of coil pickup.

The Fender electric bass were so marketable because of their four strings, solid body style, stylish beauty, and electric mandolin sound, which were the only ones available at the time. Also, the coil pickups were the reversed with the respect to each other as well, which was a huge eye catcher to bass players all over the world at this time.

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