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How to Have a Perfect Drum Kit Technique
by Adam Robert Manuel

Learning perfect drum kit technique takes a huge amount of practice and time. If you learn properly you will be able to achieve faster, more precise fills and solos with perfect control. Learning to have perfect control over the drums requires a strict daily practice regime. The greats didn't ever slack off and neither should you. To have a good practice regime you need to practice rudiments on a daily basis, practice both traditional and standard grip along with those rudiments, and learn the science and theory of the drum kit.

Practicing drum rudiments

Practicing drum rudiments is the most important part of getting a perfect drum kit technique. You will eventually need to learn all forty drum rudiments off the top of your head being able to execute them instantly if asked, and using both types of grip. When you start learning all forty drum rudiments its very important that you don't overwhelm yourself and only take on a select few at a time. Once they are mastered move onto the next two or three, and so on.

Practicing traditional grip

Most drummers only learn to play the drums in standard (matched) grip, this not only cause problems learning certain techniques but can slow down the whole process of improving. When you are practising the drums I would recommend spending the first half using the grip you are the most comfortable with and then moving on to the other for the second half. If you practice evenly using both grips then you will have a much faster improvement rate.

Learning the science of drumming

By the science of drumming I don't mean how to read music or learn how drums are made. What I mean is learning how to use physics to your advantage for example; where the pressure points are in your hand that will slow down or speed up your reaction time, or where to most effectively to hit a drumhead to achieve maximum bounce. This is the science of playing the drums. Using this in conjunction to your standard practice will greatly improve your overall technique.

Having a perfect drum kit technique is a long process. You have to be willing to put in long hours time and time again. No drummer will have natural stick technique without learning in advance. Make sure you don't fall into the same trap most drummers fall into, start working now and it will pay off.

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