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How to Buy-Lease Beats in 4 Easy Steps
by Philip A. Bassi

I know some artists hesitate when it comes to buying beats that is why I am gonna be sharing with you a simple guide on how to buy hip hop/rap/r&b beats on the web. Whether you have been grinding on the mix-tape scene on other peoples beats or your just getting started and you want to start the right way, then this is the right place for you to be right now.

Find A Certified Seller

Find a certified beat seller whether it be a 3rd party site or private beat sellers which can be found all over the web.

If they do transactions through a 3rd party checkout like Paypal or Google checkout this usually guarantees safety of transactions so there is no illegitimate activities going on. Paypal/Google Checkout has a customer service line and support center where you can dispute a transaction or file complaints against fraudulent activity.

Another way to find out if they are certified is to look for testimonials on the site or do a Google search to see what people have to say on the net on forums or blogs, etc.

Find A Beat You Like

Then once you find a reputable seller comes the easy fun part =P, look around for beats that you like that you could see yourself writing to. Once you find that beat you like, then it is time to go through the checkout process.

Checkout Process

In most cases you will find that somewhere around the beat there is a buy lease or buy beat button. You click this and proceed to the secure checkout where you will enter your paypal information or credit card information. Some sites have a drop down menu where you choose the beat name you want and purchase directly like that. Also some private sellers do not have either of these options and prefer that you contact them first before you buy.

Most payments will be handled via PayPal or Google checkout. We use PayPal and most sellers use PayPal as well. PayPal is easy to use, it accepts a variety of different credit/debit cards and it allows you to purchase via a PayPal account that you may have already that may be linked to your bank account.

Download The Beat and Enjoy

You receive the beat in most cases through your email after the beat has been paid for. There are some exceptions where you just pay for the beat and are redirected to a thanks page where you can find a link to download your beat and enjoy.

Philip Bassi is the owner of, where artists can go to find high quality production at an affordable price. He's been producing beats for almost 6 years and is solidifying his place in the music industry one artist at at a time.

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