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How to Make Hip Hop Beats 101 by Vincent Segal

In this How to Make Hip Hop Beats guide we are going to show you the 101's in developing beats. Music production might seem overwhelming and confusing when starting out so we have created this guide to make it easier for you to get started.

The first thing you need is an idea. If you have a beat in your head you have a great start in making it real. If you do not have an idea, you can start with the basics and work from there. As you get the baseline down, you head will start to spin and the ideas will come up.

Begin With the Hi-Hats

The hi-hats are a great place to start when you begin to make hip hop beats. The hi-hats decide the speed of your beet. We are building a skeleton now and this will be the backbone.

Next Build Your Kicks and Snare Drums

The kicks and snare drums will be your baseline. These together with your hi-hats complete the skeleton of your beat. The kicks are the dark and heavy beats. The low tones that make your base vibrate.
The snare drums are your higher or mid tone drums and beats. Listen to some of your favorite beats and try to identify how they are built up based on these elements.

Complete the Hip Hop Beat with Instruments

You have now set up the skeleton of your hip hop beat. While the skeleton can be able to work in its most basic form you are able to add some originality and personality here as well. Still, the real opportunity to make something new comes with the instruments.

The instruments can range from guitar, piano, flute, or sirens and even vocals. You are only limited by your imagination.

The Most Important Elements of a Hip Hop Beat

We can get very technical when it comes to how to make hip hop beats. Still I have tried to make this guide as simple as possible. When you handle these elements you will start to see new opportunities and build upon your beats from that.

Still the most important element of a hip hop beat is its originality and how it makes your listeners feel. If you want them to dance, make it happen, if you want them to cry you need to do something different than that.

You also need to consider who you are making the beat for. If you produce beats that is going to be sold as instrumentals you have a different job than if you are making an RnB or Rap song. If you plan to have other artists work with your beat you have to make your beat workable for them and meet their individual needs.

What Production tools should I Use?

Finding the right production software is important. If you are new to making beats I would suggest you start with a tool that is simple to use, but at the same time is not limiting your creativity.

Sonic Producer is an online hip hop beat software that lets you work on your beats without installing any application on your computer. It is a tool that is simple to use, but at the same time does not limit you. You can read my full review of Sonic Producer here.

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