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Tips on How to Make Rap Beats by Johnnie Roberts

An investment of resources is necessary to make a great beat, but the result can be worthwhile. Producing a rap beat is a unique creative expression all in itself and it can take a great amount of talent and hard work to make something that is worth it.

Sound equipment and programs will be needed by you to develop the ability to lay rap beats.For starters, you may need a voice editing application, a drum online machine and a good music production program.

If you want your rap beats to be great, amazing, spectacular, you will need a beatmaker application that can make outstanding beats. You do not need your beats to sound amateurish or have background noise. A bad sounding beat would be a waste of your time. No one will care how long it took you or how imaginative it is if the quality is not great when learning how to make rap beats.

One thing to make sure of when learning how to make rap beats is that your application of choice has a user friendly interface so you are not confused. Listening to the sound is your priority, not fiddling with buttons on the interface.

After trying numerous software, Sonic Producer is the one I would recommend.It is a top pick mainly because of the total value you get.

You can get started with the lyrics, confident you now have all the musical tools you need.

Having a hard copy of the lyrics is a great idea, or at least have the artist present. Of course, ignore this if you aren't using vocals. Next, lay down your drums and bass. You want to use these to create the best emotional tone when learning how to make rap beats since they are the origin point for your sound. Since it is rap you are creating, you should have a strong beat to lay the vocal on when learning how to make rap beats, or your run the risk of it getting washed out.

Now you will assemble your instrumental component that will be the structure of your song. This is also known as the melody. This will set the feeling for the song.

So the multiple things you need to balance with when learning how to make rap beats include a pumping bass, exact melody, and great vocals.

In addition, when balancing the instrumentals and drums, make sure the tempo and speed of the track fit in.And, as a standard rule, do not put a fast paced melody with a slow drum track, unless you are sure what you are doing.

Why are you hesitating? Get a good beatmaker software and get started!

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