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Guitar Overdrive and Distortion Effects
by Andy Partridge

When you watch guitar players during concerts, you will often find then stepping on some pedals. And when they step on these pedals, the quality of the sound they play changes. It becomes a lot denser and thicker. Most of the time, your guitar heroes would have an overdrive distortion when they play.

There are a lot of gadgets that a guitar player can use to enhance the sound he makes. And one of the most basic and most important is the overdrive distortion. When you have this gadget engaged, you will definitely find a significant change in the quality of sound that you create. You will also find out that this effect leads to other effects in the sound that you create. The chords will also change when you have the overdrive engaged.

As mentioned earlier, the over drive distortion allows the chords to become a lot tenser than normal. Notice that the clean tone will give you a more dissonant sound compared to your overdrive distortion. The effect helps highlight the tension that is created in between chord intervals. And this definitely affects what you play. There are only two options for you: dig or lose the attention-grabbing playing style.

The overdrive distortion also changes the melodies that you play. You may be able to find that your music will sound better with wider intervals. You may also find yourself playing in an angular style. These are tendencies that are naturally brought about by the effect. This brings more intensity to the playing sound.

The amount of distortion can be adjusted in order to suit the musical genre that you play. A little bit of the effect will help bring about a more jazzy and "bluesy" sound, adding to the complexity of the genre as it is. You can put some slight overdrive when playing really delicate pieces on the guitar. The purpose of this is to enhance the sound instead of the normal overpowering.

If you are one of those guitar players who are starting to grow tired of the sound you are making, then you might want to try to incorporate the overdrive distortion in your playing. This is also something that guitar players who are into a higher intensity of playing would go for. This works as well as alternate tuning.

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