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The Biggest 1990s One Hit Wonder Bands
by Felicia Cranston

People loved and still love 80's music but what about the 90's? The 90's were full of forgotten treasures that set the stage for future acts. Bands such as Green Day, Radiohead and Pearl Jam made it big back then and are still huge today.

However, there were also those bands that seemed to suddenly form, write a hit of a song, become a huge success and then fade out just as quick as they had come on the scene.

These are formally known as one hit wonders and no one can ever remember the bands names only the title of the hit songs, for obvious reasons.

Take the song Breakfast At Tiffany's for my first example. When this song emerged, the crowds went wild for it but as with many other one hit wonders, no one can recall the name of the band, can you?

You probably wouldn't guess it after ten tries, it was Deep Blue Something, the exemplary one hit wonder of the 90's.

Try another one, "The Way" which was a hit during the late 90's and loved by many. This one actually still gets played even today but the band never managed to make another song as good at that one.

The Rembrandts, they are my third temporary sensation to make the list. Their hit song is played and listened to every day and many people wouldn't even be able to put the name of the band to the hit song.

I'll Be There For You, ring any bells? It was such a loved song in its time that it became the theme song for the TV show Friends, Oh now you remember! And as with all the rest, The Rembrandts faded away into obscurity.

But the questions is, who has helped produced the one hit sensations list for the 2000's? That one is coming soon.

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