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Buying a Guitar Amplifier by Richard J Goss

Deciding on the best guitar amplifier to buy depends on many different factors. You can't buy an amplifier just because someone recommends it, or by how much power that it can give out. your decision must be based on the sound quality of the guitar that you are playing, and not with the brand name of the amp, as having a quality brand named amplifier may not always produce the best quality sound of your guitar.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a guitar amplifier with a well known brand name, when an unknown name or lesser known name would give an equally quality sound from your guitar. The first thing to remember is that maximum output is not the most important factor of an amp. You may think it's good being able to stretch your audiences ear drums to their limit, but this would be of no use if the quality of the sound coming from the amplifier was of poor quality,

Sound effects are also a major consideration when making a purchase, a guitar amplifier will come with varying amounts of channels, sound effects, and control knobs. Some people will only want to play using the original sound, and with others there may be an added emphasis on reverb effects etc.

Many guitarists, prefer tube amps because of their distortion and tone, and also the sound quality is usually louder than solid state amps, the tubes will need to be changed from time to time as well, as the performance of the tubes deteriorate

Another type of guitar amplifier to consider, is modeling amps also known as digital amps, which use state of the art technology to simulate the sound of amps from the bygone age, they are also more complex with features, that are programmable to give different effects

So before you spend any money, research all your options first, you want value for money and you also need quality sound. A quality brand name does not always mean quality sound or value for money, don't just go to your nearest guitar shop and buy the first guitar amplifier that you see, there are plenty of guitar amplifier magazines and publications on the market, that are always advertising, where you could get better value for money, and remember, never buy anything without a written guarantee.

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