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Online Singing Tips - A Weird and Effective Technique For Finding Your Professional Singing Quality by Al Koehn

Did you ever walk into a room full of people and notice what it sounds like? I mean really notice? Let's see if I can describe this: You just walked in, and you hear a kind of dull, low buzz from all the people talking to each other. You really can't pick out anyone's voice in particular. It all just seems to blend in together.

Then, a specific sound grabs your attention. It seems to shoot out of all the rest and go right into your ears. It isn't particularly louder, or more irritating. In fact, the sound is clear, electric, and interesting. You can even tell where it's coming from; you can probably recognize the specific person making that sound. Now, before I tell you what that sound is, let's talk about singing. Specifically about those very special singers who always seem to keep our attention. The quality of their voices is so unique, and so electric, that we want to hear more and more of them. Whenever we hear them sing, their voices seem to shoot right into our hearing and grab us and say "Listen to this. This is an excellent singer singing." They stand out from all the rest.

What if I told you that this singer is only doing the same simple thing with their voice that the person did who's voice stood out at that party. And this is something you do almost every day of your life! Remember how I described that sound? I quote myself. "Then a specific sound grabs your attention. It isn't particularly louder, or more irritating. In fact, the sound is very clear, electric and interesting." Wouldn't it be great if you, as a singer, could discover how to make that sound whenever you wish, and then incorporate it into your singing voice? If you could do that, you could become one of those very special singers who commands the attention; who becomes the "star;" who is recognized as a singer with a professional quality voice.

Well, you are going to make that sound right now, and you'll probably do it the first time you try, with practically no effort. Are you ready. All right; I want you to laugh. That's right, laugh. You've got to let go and do a great big "ha-ha!" Notice what happens to your sound. Suddenly your voice seems a lot louder and more brilliant. It commands much more attention than when you just speak. Try it again, and begin to focus the energy of the laugh directly into your forehead. Chances are, it is already focused there. Most laughter is. But if you laugh deeply into your throat and chest, you are not achieving that special sound we are looking for. Check your laughter out. Is it dull and deep, throaty and in the chest, or is it bright, electric and full of treble energy?

Now try another sound. Imagine someone just pinched you where it hurts. You yell "owww!" very loudly. Try that. Pitch the sound up high in your head as you yell. IT HURTS! That's the feel. That's the sound. Now, spend one minute each day laughing brightly, with a piercing, energetic sound. then sing a familiar phrase of a song. Then work back and forth between the two. Laugh, then sing. Laugh, then sing. If laughing seems too deep in the chest, try squealing out the word "owww!" Then sing. Begin to notice how the bright, energetic qualities of your laughter will filter into your singing.

This is a very important quality of good singing, and this is the quality used by professional rockers, country singers, gospel and blues singers, pop and jazz singers and classical singers. The best go for the 'laughing" quality. Play around with this, crazy as it might seem. It will make a great difference in all aspects of your singing.

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