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Download Singing Techniques - Voice Development - What is a "Natural" Singer? Do They Need Teachers? by Al Koehn

Have you ever read a bio on some terrific singer which reveals the fact that they never had a lesson in their lives? Do you know someone with a great voice who tells you the same thing? What's with that? Is there really such a thing as a "natural" singer? Let's take a look at those questions and find some answers.

There simply is no such thing as a completely "natural" singer. Everything we pursue has to be learned. Some of us may be born with certain physical equipment or personality traits which help us sing, dance or play golf or basketball, but the basic fact remains: everything we do must be learned. Here are some important points concerning this subject:

If someone is great at something, how did they learn it without a teacher? Understand this: teachers are everywhere, not just residing in studios with a piano.

Books are teachers. Movies and TV shows are teachers. Recordings of great singers are teachers. The terrific soloists in your church are teachers. YouTube videos are teachers. You get the point. Teachers are everywhere. You just need to tune into them and learn.

The so-called "natural" singer has learned to sing from others. They listened to other singers, and learned not just their style, but their breathing methods, their techniques of hitting the high notes, their vowel formation and much more. Most of us tend to listen to other singers for enjoyment, and we don't catch the techniques these people are using. The "natural" singer is able to tune in to the subtle or hidden techniques most of us don't perceive when we listen.

. This is why most of us work with teachers, books and recorded singing courses. It simply works better and faster for us. (And can even help the "natural" singer become much better.)

It's very important to understand, however, that the right teacher for you is the teacher who doesn't try to change your choice of music or your style. Their job is to help you improve what you are already doing, not to make you into something else just because they don't like your musical choices, or because they don't know how to help you improve at your musical choices.

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