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Extend Your Vocal Range - Sing Any Song You Want by Santella Austin

Extend your vocal range, is a term few vocal coaches talk about. Many singing teachers believe once you've reached breaking point, switching to head voice other wise known as falsetto, is the correct way to continue up the scale. I have recently learned that this is a very huge misconception and am excited to be sharing with you groundbreaking vocal exercises to improve your vocal range.

Whether you are a Bass, Baritone or a Tenor, (male) or a Soprano, Mezzo or Alto,(female) contrary to popular belief, this does not determine your vocal range. Although it is true, certain vocal types sit better in certain keys, one should not make the mistake of thinking the said range, is set in stone.

I have known many people including myself, resign themselves into thinking because they were a certain voice type, that their range would always be limited and so miss out on a lot of opportunities. Sadly the traditional way of vocal coaching has conditioned people into thinking this way.

Time For A New Way Of Thinking

In order to extend your vocal range, you must find a vocal coach, who will specifically give you vocal exercises targeting this area, there is no point going to a every day coach for this, because more than likely he or she would not be able to give you vocal tips in this area..

Vocal Range Exercises

There are specific vocal range exercises, that have been proven to increase ones vocal range by at least an octave. I know a lot of you out there do not think that is possible, all I can say is "whether you think you can or you cant, you are right".

So the question is what do you believe about your singing?

Consider this The human voice was designed to cover well over 2 octaves COMFORTABLY, just by shifting gears at the right time, again this is something rarely spoken about by a traditional vocal coach, which is very sad. Now more than ever are people able to access these special vocal lessons, thanks to a a world renowned coach for the stars "Brett Manning" of whom I will be discussing in a further article.

For any one out there who is ready to take of the old and embrace the new way of singing, please take the time to review my resource box below to find out how this can be achieved.

Discover how Santella Austin, who struggled for many years to improve his range by a mere 2 tones, stumbled on unique vocal range exercises which helped him to add an extra octave to his voice in the space of 3 months,click on the link to discover how you can too.

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