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How to Get Heavy Metal Guitar Tones on Your Guitar by Paul Gian

What you should do is to try easing back on the distortion until you can hear the initial attack of the strings. You'll often achieve this by easing the guitar distortion back to around the 75% mark. Go play around with your effects pedal and hear for yourself what a great difference this would make in your guitar sound.

The 2nd thing that many do is they try and pluck the strings as hard as possible to make the chord sound heavier. There is a place for this, but if you want to achieve that trashy crunch sound, try dragging the plectrum across the strings rather than striking them.

You may also want to experiment with the angle of your plectrum, so rather than having it at a perfect right angle to the strings, turn the plectrum so that it is at an angle, so more length of the plectrum keeps in contact with the strings which increases the crunch sound.

Lastly, the gauge of the strings will have a big effect on the sound. Initially, the heavier the gauge you get, the heavier it will become, but if you use a gauge that is too heavy, you will lose that distorted crunch sound, and you will hear the sound of the string will come through too predominantly.

Of course, if the bottom end is too thin, then you will have trouble keeping the strings in tune if you are detuning. Therefore, you may want to experiment with string packs which give a mix of thicker bottom end strings, and a lighter top end making it easier for solos.

The main point I want you to take from this article, is not to just turn everything up to 10, and stick with one technique and string gauges, but in fact you want to play around with different ideas and settings until you get a sound you're truly happy with.

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