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The Various Presidents Of The US That Were Musically Inclined  by Connor R Sullivan

Many different studies have been done regarding the past and present Presidents of the United States. Some have tried to link certain characteristics to be similar from various Presidents like that many of them reached the Eagle Scout ranking in the Boy Scouts or that the taller one tends to win in the overall election of a President. This one will talk about the many musical abilities among the former United States Presidents and which ones played the concert flute and what one performed a number on his alto saxophone several times during his presidency. Could being musically talented be another one of those common traits that Presidents have to link them to one another?

One of our earliest presidents named Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President and is best known for drafting the Declaration of Independence as well as his important role in the Louisiana Purchase. He was said to be very musically inclined and played several different instruments which were the cello, clavichord and the violin. The 6th president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, who held that political office and lived from 1767-1848 was best known for forming the Monroe Doctrine but a little known fact about him was that he enjoyed playing the flute and was known to be quite good at it.

Another player of the violin was the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. He lived from 1856- 1924 and was the creator of the League of Nations. Our 33rd president, Harry Truman, who served as President near the end of World War II, played the piano. He was quite a talented pianist and often played to entertain important political figures that were visiting. Another piano playing President was President Nixon who was the 37th President and is best known for the Watergate Scandal. In addition to the piano, Nixon also played the accordion and did so often for his children.

The most recent President to have shown his love for music and his ability at playing an instrument was the 42nd President, Bill Clinton. Other than John F. Kennedy he was the youngest elected President who was only in his 30's. He is an enormous jazz and blues fan and played the saxophone. He played all through high school and never stopped saying that it was one of his favorite pastimes. During his presidential campaign in 1992 he went on the Arsenio Hall Show and played Heartbreak Hotel on his saxophone wearing his sunglasses. Until then he was behind in the polls and many people believe that this helped him gain popularity and move on to win the Presidential seat. In later years, he auctioned off his saxophone for $180,000 to support Aids research.

Music is just another hobby that many Americans enjoy and apparently, many Presidents of the United States enjoyed doing as well. It proved that they had other talents besides being intelligent public servants and something that many people in the US probably didn't realize about them.

Connor R. Sullivan bought his daughter a concert flute from an online music store. His daughter who is musically gifted can also play the alto saxophone.

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