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Why Quality is Key to Being Successful in Music 
by Shaun Letang

The internet as we know has changed the music industry forever. And I'm not just talking about the downloading and sharing of tracks that's now going on in every school and a lot of offices around the world, I'm talking about the more positive side of things: Everyone has the change to make it big!

Websites like MySpace have given EVERYONE the chance to showcase their music, whether you're the next big thing to grace the centre stage, or a rookie musician with vocals flatter then a fried omelet. But with all this choice around, why should the consumer (The person you want to pay your wages by buying your music) choose to listen to and invest in you over the other thousands of people that do similar music?

Many people get overlooked because they don't offer anything different. On top of that, many people get overlooked because they haven't put that extra bit of effort into their music which in turn effects the quality. Whether you're making a tune for MySpace, for your album or for a one off broadcast, YOU MUST ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR MUSIC IS OF THE UP MOST QUALITY! This will make you stand above the person that's equally talented but doesn't put as much effort into their music. Or the person who is equally as talented but uses an inferior recording booth so your vocals and mix down sound of a better quality then theirs. I can't stress enough how important quality is in this over saturated music industry. It's already hard enough for consumers to weed through the rubbish and find the quality, so why not make sure everything you do is of the highest quality and make it easier for them to find you?

Shaun Letang is the founder of Independent Music Advice, an online resource for up and coming musicians who are still learning the ropes. We give good quality advice and guidance for your music career, such as how to get your music in shops, types of promotion, what to expect in the recording booth, and much more. Why not check out out page on how to find a recording studio so you can get the best possible recording quality possible without paying too much?

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