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5 Ways to Enjoy Music More 
by Harold Baldwin

Music is wonderful and at times has been a focus of my life. Although today I listen to more kid's music than any other type, and some kid's music absolutely rocks, I once listened to such a diverse and strange assortment that some of my friends worried about my mental health. Here are 5 ways, 5 tips, to enjoy music more.

1) If you like it, it's good. If you love it, it rocks. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Maybe you dig elevator music and your friends only like hip hop. Too bad! What you like you like.

2) Sing along if you want to. Make up lyrics if you like to like I do. Annoy your friends if they insist on being annoyed, but enjoy your music.

3) We can dance if we want to. Conversely, you can not dance, maybe even never, if you so choose.

4) Live music is the best, but that's my learned opinion. You should experience live music of your choice several times. Live music may or may not be your gig, but check it out. I don't see live music much anymore as I've burnt out on the crowds, but it is important to me that I saw a lot once, and I may yet once again.

5) Variety is good. Every once in a while listen to something entirely different. When I lived in a very hard rocking house, we listened to classical most Sunday mornings. By the way, Beethoven's 9th symphony absolutely rocks!

6) Did I say 5 ways? Well here is one more. Check out your local music scene. You may discover some up and coming bands you love. Forget the up and coming, perhaps they are merely "Bowser Bands," bands not necessary going anywhere that are piles and piles of fun to listen too.

Harry Baldwin listens to lots on music and writes on all kinds of stuff. Read his latest on Rubber Stair Treads and Stair Treads.

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