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Artist Management Companies in NYC 
by Dewayne Hill

New York City is the place to be regardless of your professional ambitions. However, as a musician and performer, the opportunities that await you in the Big Apple are endless. Because of this thousands of hopefuls flock to New York every year. They are greeted by a plethora of artist management companies that are looking for talented clients.

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of a&m companies in NYC as there are many small, independent businesses out there. For instance, a cursory search on an a&m directory website called ProductionHub yield fifty four managers working in the city alone. If you expand your search to companies that are not based in New York but still have a presence there, your list of artist management companies in NYC will skyrocket.

There are many established companies in NYC. These are harder to get into but if you can land a deal with an established company, you will be much better off in the long run. Established companies have more industry contacts as well as more experience marketing artists just like you. For example, one artist management company in NYC, Columbia Artists Management, Inc., has just celebrated its eightieth anniversary in the business.

Other artist management companies in NYC that you might have heard of are Issachar Entertainment and OCD Music Group. Each corporation boasts of its artists landing major record deals with labels like Atlantic. When you first get to NYC, you will need to do a lot of investigating and get client testimonials to see which a&m company is best for you.

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