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Absolute Pitch Training to Improve Your Musical Skill  by Carolyn Anderson

Absolute pitch is the ability to determine and identify a note by just listening to it. It may not be a song in particular, but in singing or in playing music, it helps a lot in being able to identify the note or chord even without any reference.

Absolute pitch training helps you in identifying notes just by listening on it. With this skill, you can even identify that certain note or pitch by listening to a church bell or a speaking voice, or any common sound you hear around. Just imagine having this skill while learning music or trying to compose one - indeed, it makes composing and learning music an easy one.

If you always want to learn to play the guitar or any other instrument and you want to play your favorite songs without looking at some tabs or sheet music, you can make the learning a lot easier with absolute pitch training. Learning a musical instrument by ear is also a great skill that can be made easy if you can identify notes of sounds in a breeze.

Although absolute pitch, also known as the perfect pitch, is said to be a gift for some individuals, this can however be learned. Studies have even found out that those people with languages that seem to have their own pitch, particularly those in East Asia, seemed to have developed an ear for perfect pitch. Thus, the skill can be practiced and learned.

If you love music, being able to identify a certain note without any reference to other notes is helpful in composing music or putting your ideas into musical notations. Creating music is a lot easier indeed and playing by ear can also be made easy if you have practiced and mastered your absolute pitch.

In fact, if you have undergone an absolute pitch training you can practice this skill by identifying notes in the commons sounds you hear. It doesn't have to be music or songs.

One of the exercises you can do as your absolute pitch training is to associate a note to a song or an image or an abstract image and every time you play that note, think of the image you have associated it with. You can try this exercise with closed eyes and as you constantly practice this, you will eventually learn to identify such tone by associating it with the image when you hear it.

You can also ask a friend or a family member to play random notes on the piano and let you identify it. Constant practice of this skill is a big help in developing a perfect pitch. By giving time and effort in learning more and trying to identify more and more sounds, you will eventually enjoy the benefits of having a perfect pitch.

You can also learn perfect pitch by software that is programmed and designed to help train your ear to identify notes and chords. With a great guide and a good course, you can learn this skill in no time.

Carolyn Anderson is a music lover. To learn more about learning absolute pitch, check out Pure Pitch. Also check out Be A Musical Mindreader, where you can learn how to predict chords in a song.

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